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Visitor questionnaire: Touriseum popular with visitors

The 2011 visitor questionnaire has again confirmed the popularity of the Touriseum. It is particularly pleasing that the Touriseum staff were rated as either friendly or very friendly by 95% of all visitors.

Reception Touriseum

In 2011, following their visit to the museum, some 807 visitors took the time to rate the Regional Museum of Tourism at Trauttmansdorff Castle. Of these, 65% rated the museum as “very good”, with 29% rating it as “good”. The top ratings were distributed among all age groups and nationalities. Thus the Touriseum once again last year achieved its aim of raising awareness of the complex topic of tourism among as many people as possible.

The museum staff also contributed to the generally good impression of the museum: 30% of visitors rated them as “friendly” and 65% as “very friendly”. The popularity of the Touriseum is also indicated by the fact that a quarter of all those asked – and 56% of those from South Tyrol – found out about the museum on the recommendation of friends or acquaintances.

When asked what pleased visitors best in the Touriseum, 18% answered “everything”. The museum’s design and concept are most highly rated by 30%, mostly in the over-40 age group. Younger visitors praise the Touriseum’s interactivity, particularly the South Tyrol game, the largest tourism-based pinball machine in the world. When asked about the negative aspects of the museum, 88% of the visitors raised no complaints. Individual criticisms concerned the room temperatures in high summer or the difficulties of orientation in the museum area.

The new museum season will begin in the Touriseum on 1 April. School students will have exclusive visitor access to the museum in the months of February and March. Under the slogan “Travel Fever”, the Touriseum team will be offering a wide range of educational activities for primary, middle and high schools. Interested school groups can register by phone on (+39) 0473 270172 or by e-mail at