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Frühauf brings a smile to Regional Councillor’s lips

In spring the South Tyrol regional authorities purchased a number of caricatures by Meran artist Anton Frühauf, which were then given to the Touriseum in Meran. Under the title “Curtain up!” the caricatures can be seen until 15 November in the stairway of the Regional Museum of Tourism at Trauttmansdorff Castle.

Curtain up: Artist Mariana Frühauf, Regional Councillor for Culture Sabina Kasslatter Mur, Museum Director Paul Rösch

Anton Frühauf (*1914 in Meran; †1999 in Meran) made a worldwide reputation for himself as a jewellery designer. An astute observer of nature, human beings and the environment, he transformed his ideas into (sometimes) bizarre jewellery models. His versatility as an artist is also evident in his subtle caricatures, such as “Tyroleans in Palm Beach” or “German women in the rain”: with his sharp pen, his pointed works in India ink, pencil, gouache, watercolour or mixed media, Anton Frühauf caricatured holidaymakers from his own perspective.

Regional Councillor for Culture Sabina Kasslatter Mur has now officially taken delivery of the caricatures at the Touriseum together with the artist’s daughter, Mariana Frühauf, and Museum Director Paul Rösch.