Franz Lenhart

Franz Lenhart Plakat Ritten

Franz J. Lenhart (1898-1992) originated from Kufstein, studied in Vienna and Florence and in 1922 settled in Meran as a young graphic designer. Just two years later he achieved a breakthrough with his poster for Enit, the Italian national tourism agency: his "Visitate le Dolomiti" soon appeared all over Italy.

By 1930 at the latest Lenhart had discovered his own style: in the background mountains were usually visible, while in the foreground appeared dynamic skiers or elegant women radiating strongly erotic tones. Lenhart's posters showed South Tyrol not as the land of Andreas Hofer, but as a sophisticated leisure paradise. Lenhart originals soon became sought-after rarities.

The Lenhart collection was purchased by the then regional tourist office, but then disappeared into a store room until the posters were handed over to the Touriseum shortly before the privatisation of the STW, the successor to the regional tourist office,. The official transfer was made by Dr. Siegfried Wenter on the Touriseum's opening day. The introductory speech was made by Lenhart expert Dr. Roberto Festi in the presence of Mrs Anna Lenhart Michelotti.

At the Touriseum reception you can purchase our in-house publications and our series of postcards & posters with illustrations by the artist Franz J. Lenhart.